Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Etsy now allows shops to resell Lokai bracelets, complete with manufacturer's tags

It looks like there are big changes in store for the Etsy marketplace in 2016.  I am eagerly anticipating an announcement that fully allows reselling on the site, coming sometime this year. 

Unlike the policy in force up until the end of December 2015, it seems that reselling branded merchandise may now be allowed on the site.  Definitely tagged and bagged Lokai brand bracelets can now be sold as either handmade by the seller or vintage -- neither of which can be true, but then honest representation of items for sale has never been a requirement for having a successful Etsy shop.

Called out in last week's post about reselling Lokai bracelets these shops are still moving their merchandise, ignored by the drones in Marketplace Integrity:

Pohakumakamaeokekai now has 7 listings in their shop for Lokai bracelets, and has moved over 300 "handmade" units in the past week.  Bracelets are shown in the photos with branded paper tags, with some in their factory fresh baggies.  Each Lokai listing includes this disclaimer in the item description:
* For those of you noticing that this item says handmade, it was not made by me. In order to list on Etsy the items must be listed as handmade but I do not take credit for the production of this item*
So, there it is:  reselling branded merchandise as "handmade" is now allowed, at least for select shops.

UPDATE Jan, 27:  Pohakumakamaeokekai's shop is down.  May return, might not, only the drones know.  It's darn amazing that Etsy allowed this shop to resell nearly 400 Lokai bracelets in just over a week -- priced at around $10 each, that's a nice amount of sales in such a short time for a shop with fewer than a dozen listings.

TeekaysJewelry is still trying to sell their "vintage" Lokai bracelets -- remember that the criterion for listing a vintage item is the ability to pay 20 cents (the price of a listing with a 4-month duration) rather than the old Etsy rule that a vintage item must be 20 years old.  The "20" is still in there, but it measures something else now.  UPDATE Jan. 28:  shop has been closed.

HaleighMichelleVinyl sold her single bagged and tagged "handmade" Lokai bracelet and has not restocked.  She continues to resell other jewelry not designed or made by anyone connected with the shop. 

OceanFrontCo deactivated their Lokai bracelets listing within hours without selling any. 

BuyCharms moved over 30 units as "supplies" but their listings are gone now.  Maybe sold out?

Allrightsales has sold 1 bracelet, but has 10 "handmade" and "made to order" bagged and tagged Lokais in stock.  UPDATE Jan. 28:  the Lokai bracelets are gone, but all the other reseller items remain active.  MORE:  Lokais are back!

Starsightings is still reselling their Lokai bracelets as "handmade" in stealth mode, having removed all references to the word "Lokai" from their listing.

January 26

Brand new reseller shop CustomerChoice opened on January 19, and today added 4 listings of Lokai bracelets to their shop.

They are "handmade" as shown with their branded tags.  No sales yet.
UPDATE:  In keeping with the usual Etsy practice of selective enforcement of unstated rules, CustomerChoice shop is down.  Allrightsales, TeekaysJewelry and of course Pohakumakamaeokekai are all still active.

TeeKaysJewelry UPDATE:  their listing for "vintage" Lokais has been deactiveated, and the shop now has 3 new listings for Lokai bracelets.

Red Lokais are "handmade" with 21 units in stock.

Clear Lokais are "vintage from the 1970s" -- back dated 40 years -- with 20 units in stock.

Pink Lokais are just "vintage" -- a nonspecific untruth -- with 21 units in stock.

Reseller boutique shop SouthernRoulette is selling Chinese knock-off "Lokahi inspired" bracelets as "handmade".

Wholesale here on DHGate.  UPDATE Jan. 28:  "Lokahi" knock-offs remain active (of course) even though the photos show their factory added tags.  Such is "handmade" on Etsy. 

January 27

Reseller shop BESTDEALSINTOWN just added 4 listings for bagged and brand tagged "handmade" Lokai bracelets yesterday.  UPDATE Jan. 28:  shop is down.  May return, may not -- only the drones know.

Etsy shop SoSewTrendyBoutique is reselling Lokai bracelets for charity! By bundling the bracelet with a tattoo an Etsyverse "handmade" item is created  -- yeah, right?

Nothing says ETSY like the concept of being a deceptive seller for a worthy cause.  Ugh.  UPDATE:  because straight up reselling is just so easy and awesome, SoSewTrendyBoutique has added a listing for "vintage" Lokai bracelets to her shop.  Description reads:  "Lokai camo bracelet.  size XLbrand new with tags super fast shipping" for an item whose brand is less than 5 years old -- that looks like Etsyverse "vintage" all right!

Also added is another listing for a red "handmade supply" Lokai bracelet.  Description reads:  "Lokai bracelet in red size medium. Combine with my other for cheaper shipping. Brand new with tags."  Not a supply.  SoSew's pants have spontaneously combusted.

UPDATE Jan. 28:  all of SoSew's Lokai listings escaped the sweep so far.  Her deceptive reseller listings are a good fit with Etsy's corporate culture of "transparency" and "ownership". 

OceanFrontCo has reactivated their "handmade" authentic Lokai bracelet listing this evening.  13 units in stock in 3 color choices and 2 sizes. 

Let's see if this listing is Marketplace Integrity approved because no packaging is shown in the "borrowed" photos.  UPDATE:  After selling one bracelet, the listing in OceanFrontCo's shop has been deactivated once again.  UPDATE Jan. 28:  the Lokai listing is active again -- could be a vampire,

January 28

Brand new reseller shop ChristianK27 just opened with a single listing for "handmade" factory tagged Lokai bracelets.  Already sold 2, with 155 units in stock.

February 01

Brand new reseller shop OneStateOfMind opened in mid January 2016, and added a listing for "handmade" Lokai bracelets today. 

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